Rajasthan Judicial Services

Rajasthan Raj-Patra, January 19 2010
(A-Gr. – 2)
Jaipur, January 18, 2010
PART – 1
1.     Short Title, Commencement and Application. – (1) These rules may be called the Rajasthan Judicial Service Rules 2010.
[See Rule 20]
     The examination scheme for recruitment to the cadre of Civil Judge shall consist of an objective type preliminary examination , a written main examination and an interview to test general knowledge of the candidate and his fitness (suitability) for appointment.
B.     The preliminary examination shall be objective type examination in which 70% weightage will be given to the subjects prescribed in syllabus for Law Paper -I and Law Paper – II and 30% weightage shall be given to test proficiency in Hindi and English language. The marks obtained in the preliminary examination shall not be counted towards the final selection.
     The main examination shall consist of following subjects:
Subjects                                            Marks
(i)                Law Paper – I                                  100
(ii)              Law Paper – II                                 100
(iii)            Language (i)Paper –I Hindi Essay           50
                                 (ii)Paper – II English Essay   50
(iv)            Interview                              35
It is compulsory to appear, in each and every paper of written test, as also before the Interview Board for viva voce.
Law Paper – I is designed to test the practical knowledge of the candidates in civil law and procedure e.g. drafting, pleadings, framing issues and writing out judgments etc. in civil cases.
Law Paper – II is designed to test practical knowledge of the candidates in criminal law and procedure e.g. framing charges and writing out the judgments etc. in criminal cases.
Interview: After the marks obtained by the candidate in written test have been received, the Recruiting Authority shall call for interview such of them as have obtained a minimum of 35% marks in each of the law papers and 40% marks in the aggregate:
 Provided that a candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe category shall be deemed to be eligible for interview if he has obtained a minimum of 30% marks in each of the Law papers and 35% marks in the aggregate:
Provided further that as far as practicable, the number of candidates called for interview in accordance with their order of merit in written test shall be approximately three times the vacancies reserved for each category:
Provided also that if the recruiting authority is the Commission A sitting Judge of the High Court to be nominated by the Chief Justice should be invited to participate in the interview as an expert , The advice given by him should ordinarily be prevailed.
In interviewing a candidate, the suitability for employment to the Service shall be tested with reference to his record at the School, College and University, and his character, personality, address and physique. The questions, which may be put to him, may be of a general nature and will not necessarily be academic or legal. The candidate will also be put questions to test his general knowledge including knowledge of current affairs and present day problems. Marks shall also be awarded for the candidates’s proficiency in the Rajasthani dialects and his knowledge of social customs of Rajasthan. The marks so awarded shall be added to the marks obtained in the written test by each candidate.

Rajasthan Judicial Services Exams 2011 Notification
Rajasthan Civil Judge Exams 2011 Notification
Rajasthan High Court Jodhpur

Dated 23 May 2011
Pursuant to the Rule 7 read with schedule – III of the Rajasthan Judicial Service Rules, 2010 it is notified that in the Civil Judge Cadre 114 vacancies have been determined for the year 2011 which are categorized in the following manner:-

S. No.
Total No. of Posts
Physically Handicapped
Current vacancies
52, out of which 16 posts for women
16, out of which 5 posts for women
12, out of which 4 posts for women
21, out of which 6 posts for women
Backlog of year 2005 & 2008
1. The determination of vacancies is inclusive of 10% posts being part of the cadre strength which are provided in Schedule – I for leave/reserve/ training/deputation in the cadre of District Judge, Senior Civil Judge and Civil Judge.
2. The 43 posts determined against the Fast Track Courts are purely temporary in nature. In case the Fast Track Courts are abolished the officers appointed against these posts may preferably be adjusted against the vacancies which may arise due to retirements otherwise they will be discharged from service . In that case they will not claim any right on this account.
By Order
Registrar General
Adopted ‘as it is’ from – Rajasthan High Court Website
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